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Decision Making – How We Can All Make Better Choices

cobrain decision

We are faced each day with dozens of decisions. Everything from the clothes we wear to the route we drive home from the office. We make small decisions like forgoing a cookie in favor of carrot sticks, and larger decisions like whether or not to stay at a job or leave to follow a new path.

What if you could make better decisions by sharing brainpower with others? Cobrain is about collective intelligence. It helps you leverage the minds of others to improve personal choices that result in the best outcome for you.

Many people believe that intuition helps guide their choices, but studies suggest that decisions are considerably better when specific, evidence-based strategies are employed. In fact, you’re likely to make an optimal decision when you pause, ignore snap judgments, and accept input from others.

That’s where big data comes in. Currently, there is an endless stream of information helping merchants target consumers. But what about what the consumer wants? Companies like Cobrain let the consumer take control of their environment and choose products and services they’ll love.

So, consumers should avoid quick decision making tactics that are vulnerable to the nudges of marketers and advertisers and instead, rely on what the data says will amount to the greatest amount of satisfaction in a choice. Of course, it’s at the individual’s discretion to act on a decision or not, but odds are, collective intelligence will consistently lead to the best outcome.


It’s Official: Big Data is Big

Big data

Industry experts have been extolling the virtues of “big data” for some time now but it’s finally become a concept that the consumer can benefit from equally. Marketers and retailers have transformed business operations based entirely on the information gleaned from web analytics. That’s not news. But new innovation now lets the power of these capabilities work in your favor.

Decision-making no longer needs to be a difficult or stress-inducing task. With crowd-sourced data, algorithms can direct consumers towards the ideal products for their lifestyle. Whether that’s clothing, music, apps, or even lawn care, there is considerable variety in what big data can tell us. In fact, the information is endless. What can’t it tell us?

A recent article in Technorati discusses the benefits big data can offer travelers. Social media analytics help predict users’ travel preferences and offer improved search results for those researching trips. This adds an element of customization for the web user that previously didn’t exist during the search process. Leading hospitality brands and airlines are finally admitting that big data “can be used to focus around customer needs and preferences, not industry processes”.

The key is harnessing the data to provide information that is both useful and legible to those in the position to effect change. Luckily, there are emerging forms of technology that parse through the massive databases and spit out structured data that can lead to efficient and streamlined customer experiences.

It’s not just the travel industry that has realized the power of big data for improving customer service, organizations around the globe are utilizing new methods for boosting sales and retaining customers. Big data plays a big part in the equation.

Collective Intelligence, Futuristic Decision-Making, and Cobrain

Collective Intelligence

What if you couldn’t think for yourself?

What if head trauma or stress or some other unexpected situation dulled your ability to make informed decisions?

Sound hopeless? Not anymore.

When Cobrain founder and CEO Rob McGovern suffered a brain injury in 2009, he knew he was lucky to be alive. But, he found himself struggling to make many of the decisions and judgements that had come to him easily before the accident. ThoughMcGovern has since made a full recovery, he saw an opportunity to create a system to help others in a similar situation.

In 2013, Cobrain was born.

Today, Cobrain has evolved beyond just helping those individuals with cognitive damage, and instead can assist anyone with decision-making by leveraging the power of collective intelligence. You don’t need to think for yourself because others can think for you. Cobrain can help you make decisions about apparel, music, apps, movies and nearly everything else.

If it sounds futuristic – it is.

Learn more about Cobrain in the About section of the company website.


Cobrain will appear in your world through various apps and software components. We’re about advanced data science and machine learning. We’ll help our members make better decisions via the collective intelligence of others.