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About Our Company

We’ll help you leverage the brain-power of others

What if you could make better decisions by sharing brain-power with others? Cobrain is about collective intelligence; helping you share brain-power with people like you.

We’re the first big data company empowering consumers

We’re swimming against the stream. While billions are being invested in companies helping merchants target consumers, instead we’re focused on helping consumers make better choices and decisions. We’re processing petabytes of data (that’s a lot!) to help consumers choose the products and services they’ll love.

What if your computer made you smarter?

We’re experts in machine learning and data science. Your Cobrain will help you make better decisions. You’ll even be able to teach your Cobrain to make it smarter everyday.

Stay Tuned: We’re still in stealth mode

In a few months we’ll be ready to reveal the big idea. At the moment we’re signing partnerships with the largest and most prestigious companies in America. The most common response in our meetings: “You’re going to change the world”.

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